About Us - Florica Consumer Law Center, P.A.
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About Us

About Florida Consumer Law Center

The Florida Consumer Law Center was formed in 2009 by attorney Charles W. Cadrecha, Esq. Born and raised in Tampa, Mr. Cadrecha attended the renown Jesuit High School and completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Florida. Knowing he would return home, he attended Stetson University College of Law in St. Petersburg to be close to his friends, family and community.

He formed the Florida Consumer Law Center for the purpose of advocating the rights of consumers and citizens alike while providing affordable legal representation to those in need. Charles W. Cadrecha, Esq., as a lifelong resident of Tampa Florida, has dedicated his law practice to helping the citizens of our state defend their rights for themselves and their families.

The Florida Consumer Law Center, P.A. is a law firm devoted to helping the individuals and families of the Tampa community and all areas of Florida in all cases involving their rights. Whether it is Criminal Defense, Personal Injury, Family Law, Estate Planning, Immigration Law, or any other circumstance where you find yourself needing the assistance of a lawyer and feel you have no place to turn, we at the Florida Consumer Law Center, P.A. are here to provide a free consultation and listen to your story.

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