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The Florida Consumer Law Center in Tampa, Florida provides legal representation and advice to Florida consumers dealing with debt collection agencies. We understand during hard economic times some of the most responsible individuals and/or families are dealing with layoffs, inflated mortgage payment, high credit card interest rates and as a result become behind on payments due. While struggling to get finances in order, are now dealing with scavenger debt collectors who want their money NOW!

Take a deep breath because you have rights too! If a bill collector calls you about unpaid debt and demands payment, make sure you protect your rights. Third-party debt collections agencies, as well as, their debt collection attorney are governed by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPC) and this act protects you, the consumer.






In many cases, debt collectors do not follow the laws put in place to protect consumer rights against illegal debt collection tactics. Illegal debt collection tactics include but not limited to misrepresentation of agency (saying they are the original creditor when in fact they are not), failure to provide documentation and paperwork to validate you own the debt when asked, and abusive and harassing phone calls demanding payment. When a third party collections agency fails to obey by these laws, they may be liable to you for damages cause by their illegal tactics.

If you believe you are being harassed by a debt collector or feel they have broke the laws under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Law in anyway, contact the Florida Consumer Law Center. We are here to protect your rights from scavenger debt collectors and bring the illegal collection industry tactics to justice.

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