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Personal Injury:

Personal injuries can happen anywhere you go: on the road, at work, or at your favorite restaurant. The most common types of injuries are:  slip and fall accidents, car accidents, fire-related injuries, and water-related injuries.

Have you been injured due to someone’s negligence? 

Don’t try to handle matters on your own. 

Personal Injury is a very complicated and difficult matter for someone that has not received proper training and experience. For the greatest possible result, it is strongly recommended that you have a professional assist you regarding your Personal Injury situation.

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The Florida Law Center represents clients in many different types of Personal Injury Defense matters in Federal and State Courthouses throughout the State of Florida. We aggressively defend personal injury lawsuits in a cost-effective manner remaining fully responsive to the client at all times.

Our practice includes the defense of motor vehicle accident personal injury claims, as well as representation of clients in the defense of work place accidents occurring in various industrial and other employment settings. These claims, which may range from wrongful death actions to soft-tissue injuries, require experienced personal injury litigators.

We defend general liability claims in many different contexts, including premises liability, and stress meticulous and vigorous preparation by our attorneys to ensure client satisfaction with the handling of each individual claim and suit. For example, we give full consideration to certain tactical advantages provided by the Offer of Judgment Rule and the Florida Frivolous Lawsuit Statute in those cases where such aggressive defense tactics are warranted by the facts. We regularly communicate with our clients to achieve their goal of obtaining cost-efficient, quality legal services with a heavy dose of common sense.