Preventing Foreclosures in Tampa – Florida Attorney - Florida Consumer Law Center
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Preventing Foreclosures in Tampa – Florida Attorney

Are you a Florida homeowner currently facing foreclosure and have recently received a summons notifying you of the foreclosure suit filed against you? If so, we at Florida Consumer Law Center in Tampa have a team of Florida foreclosure defense attorneys on staff to assist you and your family through the foreclosure process and to protect your rights as a Florida homeowner.

Foreclosure Defense

Insurance companies are for-profit companies, they have been known to deny claims in an effort to increase profits.


Lenders have attorneys whose job is to foreclose and take possession of the home. Most consumers are not aware of their legal rights and defenses in the foreclosure proceeding which if NOT enforced could be lost.
Foreclose defense representation will afford the homeowner a careful examination of their rights and may prevent the lenders’ attorneys from closing the door on other options available to them such as a loan modification, short sale, or deed in lieu of foreclosure. In special circumstances a forensic loan audit could reveal possible lender violations which could void the lenders’ right to foreclose.

Forensic Loan Audits: Is the home loan legal?

Our Loan Auditors will audit your loan for predatory lending violations, which when combined with legal action may be your best option to protect your rights and possibly save your home. Possible violations may include Truth in Lending, RESPA, Home Mortgage Disclosure Act, FHA, Equal Credit Opportunity Act, and more.


Mortgage Modification – Home Affordable Modification Programs

Your may be eligible if you have a variable interest rate and having trouble paying your payments or may go into default. You may qualify for programs that allow for the modification of you existing loan terms.

Deed in lieu of Foreclosure

The process is accompanied by a foreclosure attorney of giving the title and ownership of the property to the lender in trade to be free and clear of the loan.


Short Sale

Negotiate with the lender to accept a lower amount on your loan. A short sale allows you to sell your home under market value so you can avoid the foreclosure auction.

Foreclosure Facts

Once a barrower (home owner) is past due on their home mortgage loan payment and is unable to pay the balance of the loan, the lender has the right to initiate a judicial foreclosure. In the state of Florida, a lender is not required to contact the borrower prior to filing a foreclosure lawsuit.
Contact a Florida Foreclosure attorney immediately! We at, Florida Consumer Law Center, P.A. will research your situation and guide you through the best course of action and stop foreclosure.
Our Foreclosure Attorney will review your mortgage, note and other legal documents, inform you of your rights, let you know where the lender has failed to adhere the rules and regulations in your jurisdiction and represent you in court.

Knowing your Homeowners Rights during a Foreclosure

Too many try to work with the banks in a desperate effort to save their home and ignore the legal process of the court – give up their rights to defend against foreclosure and are turned down by the banks at the last minute.
Florida’s homeowners spend too much time obeying the requests of the banks and trying to personally negotiate deals that will allow them to stay in their home, rather than protecting their right to the home with the representation of legal counsel. Protecting your homeowner rights must defend in court before the sale of the property is scheduled and the ownership of the title is transferred. If a homeowner fails to protect and defend their rights in a timely manner during a foreclosure suit, the banks will have a much easier time taking your home to a public auction and evicting you in as little as a few months.

But by protecting your rights in a foreclosure, homeowners may be able to drag out the process giving more time to find alternative foreclosure options and save their home.
Remember, in Florida you only have 20 days to respond to a foreclosure complaint. Contact the Florida Consumer Law Center, P.A. today to avoid any delays that could adversely affect your foreclosure case.